Michelle Obama’s “Eat Before You Come” Invitation is Fine with Me

The ultimate Queen Mom, in my eyes, is getting some bad press.  Leave her alone.  She is celebrating the big 5-0 and she isn’t thinking about any of you and her eat-before-you-come invitation.  When you turn 40 as I did almost 2 years ago, the best gift that arrived with the new decade was the F-U factor.

I can only imagine what happens at 50.  The double F-U factor hits?  Whoa, I have to get ready for this power!!

Everyday elegance sometimes gets boring and you just want to be you anyway you want to be you.  That’s probably how Mrs. O feels right about  now.  Her life has taken a significant shift since her husband decided to run for President.  Maybe this wasn’t in her life’s plan but because she wanted to be a supporting wife, she obliged.

Certain protocols come with being the First Lady and sometimes you want to break from what’s right for everyone else and do what you want.  Never mind that the party will be at “The Peoples House” and no, you weren’t invited.  I have met her twice and even had a 60-second conversation with her on the new school lunch mandate.  I’m still awaiting my invitation though…

“I have never felt more confident in myself, more clear on who I am as a woman,” the first lady told Parade magazine last summer when asked about approaching the big 5-0.

And that’s why she told you to eat before you come.  Those on her guest list are capable feeding themselves.  I would appreciate knowing that there will be minimal food at an event.  How many times have you shown up hungry and ready to go IN, only to find out that Pizza Bites and chips were the only thing on the table?

Now, don’t you wish you would have known before hand?

The only thing tacky about this is if the invitation actually said, “eat before you come.”  However, if the invitation simply said that light hors d’oeuvres will be served then that’s fine.

Mrs. O, celebrate your weekend like you want to.  It’s your party and you can not feed your guests if you want to.

Now, where’s my invitation again?

*F-U can also stand for “forget you” because a Queen never curses.

Katy Perry Rocks Royal Dolce & Gabbana Headband

Dolce & Gabbana Headband

I am a fan of Katy Perry and have actually been in the same room as she during the 2013 Presidential Inauguration of President Barack Obama.  Because my husband and I were set on seeing the POTUS and FLOTUS up close and personal we did not move from our spot.  We were 1 row of ticket holders back from the actual stage in which the First Couple had their final dance at President Obama’s second Inauguration.

Back to Katy.

She where’s girly clothing and I absolutely adore that about her.  Very feminine and the way young girls need to get back to dressing. Who wants to see your stomach and behind all the time?  I don’t.

How much is it you ask?  Well, if you have to ask you simply can’t afford it.  How about a DIY version?

Let’s dress and act like Queens.  Royally cute.